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nirvana memorial park klang lake village
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The 220-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) distinguishes itself from others with the presence of red and yellow earth, two auspicious characteristics that symbolise prosperity from the perspective of Feng Shui.

The land filled with the vibrant “Qi” that denotes life. Its picturesque landscape and tranquillity give it further distinction making it an ideal final resting place. The memorial park presents a harmonious setup that invigorates all within the space. It is indeed the perfect place that brings peace to all who find eternal rest here while ushering in generations of prosperity for descendants.

Sacred Stupa

The Sacred Stupa for Boundless Blessings

An awe-inspiring stupa is erected in the middle of Nirvana Memorial Park(Klang) to protect all sentient beings.

Guan Yin Statue

Guan Yin of Four Directions for Endless Blessings

A statue of the compassionate Guan Yin facing in four directions stands majestically just in front of the Temple of the Three Saints. Underneath the figure is a flowing waterway symbolising endless wealth and wisdom.

Each of the four is distinctive with a unique symbolism. One carries a vase representing endless blessings while another bears prayer beads which symbolises compassion. The one that holds a lotus blossom means peace, while the one clutching a scroll implies enlightenment wisdom.

The temple of the Three Saints

The Sacred and Awe-Inspiring Temple of the Three Saints

Standing majestically in the middle of the Temple of the Three Saints is a magnificent column of Buddhas. The ceiling is crafted with many exquisite Buddha motifs to convey divine blessings, while the harmonious lighting meant to evoke the presence of an auspicious dragon guarding its surroundings.

The Lake Village

Magnificent Pavillion of Distinctive Eminence

The awe-inspiring pavilion evokes fond memories of your loved ones. Elegant and classy, it creates a visually pleasing atmosphere that recalls your ancestors’ blessings in a charming setting in harmony with nature.

The peaceful lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds. The distinctive horse-head gable designs recall the proud stories of those gone before, bound for eternity.

Burial Plots

A Place to Call Home

Falling leaves will always fall close to the roots of the tree. In traditional Chinese thought, it matters not where one is, or where they go, the home is the warmest haven. Deep in the soul, the heart of the wanderer will always long for home. No matter how far one travels, we will always look forward to the day when we will be reunited with our loved ones. The Royal Family Burial Plot pays homage to this line of thought.

Columbarium Hall

Inspired by the Western Pure Land

Drawing inspiration from the Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha, the design conveys holiness and light of the land of pure bliss. Just as those who placed here can find eternal rest in the infinite light of the Buddha, those who set foot here too can find divine blessings and be motivated to seek the wisdom of enlightenment.



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