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In 2008, Nirvana Asia Group set up the Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam), which is the only private memorial park in Shah Alam to fulfil the growing towns’ demands. It is strategically situated in Shah Alam and takes only 15 minutes to access significant highways from major cities in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Subang & Klang).

Built within this memorial park are the standard double burial plots and the exclusively-designed Tang Villa Si He Yuan Columbarium and Perpetual Garden Columbarium. The wide range of burial products available suit the needs of various non-muslim religions.

The Tang Villa brings on total peace-of-mind and is indeed an excellent place to rest in peace.

Ming palace

The architectural structure and style of the Ming Dynasty.

The concept of Ming Palace originates from the architectural structure and style of the Ming Dynasty. It occupies an area of 30,000 feet and highly integrated with the Ming Dynasty’s brilliance and precision in its layouts. With luxurious interior facilities, the entire development excludes and aura of Ming Culture unique only to itself.

As you enter the large hall, intricate and beautiful designs embrace you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace. Every detail and furnishing at the Chamber of Eternal Bliss is specially and carefully designed exclusively for the visitor’s absolute comfort. Intricately designed furnishing offers generously numerous comfortable resting lounges that exude a solemn and quiet atmosphere when family and friends visit during memorial occasions.

Equipped with air-conditioning and an access card system to the elevators, friends and family members are carefully facilitated for a comfortable, convenient and secured visit.

Tang Villa 2

The love that enlightens and bond family together

Bamboo lends an exotic oriental atmosphere to the landscape. It symbolises strength, flexibility, tenacity, endurance and compromise. As a result, Tang Villa 2 exudes an atmosphere filled with compassion, comfort and peace.

Bamboo also represents a time-honoured tradition, bringing generations together to foster a bond to meet forward in life. With the compassionate and merciful Hodges of Mercy guarding over the courtyard, one feels the love that enlightens and bond family together.

The faith in itself indicates the paths and steps towards enlightenment with the Tang Villa 2.

Heritage court

The virtue from generations to generations.

As the name implies, Heritage Court aims to remind us to exemplify the act of party in our daily life and pass on the virtue from generations to generations.

Spreading across the prime land area in the central of Shah Alam and with six majestic blocks of the columbarium, Heritage Court is renowned for its scenic landscape tapestry that pays tribute to mother nature’s beauty. While one spends time immersing his/her sour within the beauty surrounding Heritage Court, its lush walkway, greenery and posh landscaping would leave one gasping in awe.

urn Garden

Burial Plot for Urn

Zone D is the most significant burial plot for the urn in Malaysia, a place for those cremated and their remains meant for burial. Zone D sets a peaceful environment, with a personal space for the praying convenience of family members.

The Goddess of Three Western Saints: Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisatva (God of Mercy) & Mahasthama Bodhisattva, overlooking the garden, signifies a pure land for the departed, a blessed park for the living, and to provide enlightening and worshipping.

Burial Plots

A Place to Call Home

Falling leaves will always fall close to the roots of the tree. In traditional Chinese thought, it matters not where one is, or where they go, the home is the warmest haven. Deep in the soul, the heart of the wanderer will always long for home. No matter how far one travels, we will always look forward to the day when we will be reunited with our loved ones. The Royal Family Burial Plot pays homage to this line of thought.

Perpetual Garden

The everlasting home for Christians

Life is like a blooming flower. Full of beauty and vigour. Through warmth and cold, its freshness prevails, But its life is short-lived. It will soon begin to wither and die. So does our lives.

Life and death is a certainty, and it should not see as a phobia. Life after death could be enlightened again in full brightness, enshrined within the Perpetual Garden urn Columbarium.

A garden-like concept adds an air of peacefulness with an ambience of serenity and purity. Indeed, the goodness in life continues here and ever after.

Ancestral Tablets

Honouring Ancestors Generation after Generation

Gilt Buddha statue radiates divine rays to lead the departed into Pure Land of Bliss while blessing posterity with prosperity, longevity, peace and good health.

Made from crystal and glazed glass materials and graced with LED lighting, the ancestral tablet in The Chamber of Eternal Bliss Remanates bright rays to manifest traditional nobility.

Fully air-conditioned, the elegant environment is enhanced further with 24-hour security and regular cleaning services under heedful management.

Be blessed with regular Buddhist chants.

A ritual emulating an ‘ascension to heaven’ is held in The Chamber of Eternal Bliss graced with Buddha rays alongside Dharmic chanting to lead the departed into Pure Land of Bliss.



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