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NV Seed "Sheng Ji"

The principles of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” involve the creation of a tomb for a living person in order to harness auspicious energies of an environment with excellent Feng Shui to remedy imperfections contained within the subject’s destiny or Ba Zi.

NV Seed takes advantage of the powerful Feng Shui dynamics found at Nirvana’s various memorial parks which are endorsed by renowned masters for the purpose of installing Sheng Ji. By deploying this Feng Shui remedy, a person’s life can be improved in various ways such as enhanced fortune, career, health, family relations and overall luck.

Why Sheng Ji?

7 benefits of installing Sheng Ji

  • Promoting longevity

    One of the direct benefits of installing Sheng Ji is the improvement of health and healing. Through this, one’s lifespan is lengthened, and longevity is achieved.

  • Triggering positive energies

    The installation of Sheng Ji triggers positive energies in one’s life which in turn strengthens the body and motivates the mind towards greater endeavours and achievements.

  • Changing destiny

    In life, nobody is said to have the perfect Ba Zi in the Chinese metaphysical astrological divination art. In order to remedy these imperfections, the installation of Sheng Ji can alter the course of one’s destiny.

  • Spurring career growth

    The infusion of positive energies through the installation of Sheng Ji can also bring about more opportunities in life that helps spur career and business opportunities.

  • Promoting fertility and wealth

    If one suffers from fertility issues and bad financial problems, the installation of Sheng Ji can help improve the situation to help in conception and remedy wealth issues as well.

  • Improving human relations and luck

    Often some people may find themselves having no luck in terms of attracting helpful people or a romantic partner in life. They even find themselves constantly at odds with members of their family. The installation of Sheng Ji can bring about positive changes in human relations as well as improving overall luck.

  • Encouraging meritorious deeds

    It is said that positive changes in life can only come when a person learns to be charitable. The installation of Sheng Ji is not considered a free ticket towards better fortune, rather one is encouraged to perform good deeds to bring about positive luck in life.

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