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Burial Plots

Excellent Feng Shui is governed by exceptional natural landforms found in the environment.
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For what it lacks in individuality, columbaria is changing the way we memorialise and honour the departed through architecture of unparalleled magnificence.
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NV Seed Garden

One of the direct benefits of installing Sheng ji is the improvement of health and healing.
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Urn Burial Plots

Internment in columbaria is not the only option for those who chose cremation while the option of urn burial plots is available.
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Ancestral Tablets

Bringing about a revival of remembrance and commemoration through the presentation of Ancestral Tablet at Nirvana Memorial Garden.
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Pets Memorial Garden

Our cherished companions with a farewell at the end of their lives that befitting of their stature in our lives.
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Eternal Blessing Lights

The adoption of Eternal Blessing Light boosts luck while dispelling evil spirits to achieve harmony, peace, and safety for the entire family.
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