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  • Emergency Hotline

    For emergency cases, please dial +6019-9275072 to reach the authorized personnel on standby 24hr/7days a week.

  • What is preplanning about?

    By planning the funeral, everything should adequately prepare when things happen. By doing this will alleviate the sadness and pressure that the family experienced at that time. Your family don’t have to worry about any critical decisions they have to face.

  • Why Preplanning?

    We all know the importance of being prepared for the rain.

    • To fight the sudden onset of the disease, we are ready for medical insurance.
    • To have enough pension in the future, we have prepared a saving plan.
    • To avoid any disputes in the future, we made a will.
    • It allows you to decide on your desired service based on your preferred rites and rituals.

    What about the last part of our life?

  • Benefits of Preplanning
    • Special price for pre-planning
    • 0% interest instalment payment
    • Reduce disputes with relatives (including religious rituals, spiritual choices, funding, etc.)
    • Leave love to the next generation, but not debts.
    • Reduce the burden on children
    • Prevent future inflation
    • You can choose your favourite ritual or service according to your wishes.