Leave a legacy of love


Who should pre-plan?

Pre-planning is a preparation strategy for everything connected to your future final send-off ceremony and pre-paying for it in advance. Depending on your wishes or your family’s, the arrangements can vary in cost and details.

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    Various factors may come into play for each considering pre-planning, such as personal experiences/preferences, financial capability, mental awareness, and concern for their loved ones’ welfare. The one thing these individuals have in common is readiness. Regardless of age, gender and status, everyone should consider the idea to pre-plan.

    When you are no longer around, pre-planning will empower your family to set the required actions into motion without having to worry over difficult financial decisions and unfamiliar details. Different individuals may have different needs and choices; the most important thing here is that your family can confidently proceed with confidence that they are acting per your wishes. Doing this will give them the freedom to cope with loss and healing. It is the final and best gift you can ever provide for your loved ones.

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Five main advantages of pre-planning

  • 1. You assume financial responsibility for your funeral.

    In the face of the unthinkable, the burden of financial responsibility for our final send-off falls on our beloved family. Consider the staggering costs, with the average funeral surpassing RM20,000, excluding other expenses. Pre-planning offers a compassionate path, sparing our family from this heavy burden and allowing them to grieve without financial stress. Let us embrace the transformative power of pre-planning, creating a legacy of compassion and easing the burden on our loved ones.

  • 2. You will have time and space to consider all factors and concerns.

    Pre-planning is a compassionate journey that allows you to compare services and prices ahead of time, relieving your family from making rushed and unnecessary decisions during a stressful and emotional crisis. It also involves your loved ones in the decision-making process, fostering unity and ensuring your wishes are honored. Embrace pre-planning as an act of love and foresight, bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

  • 3. You can be self-reliant and choose the way you wish to be celebrated and remembered.

    Pre-planning empowers you to have full control over every aspect of your final send-off, sparing your family from any uncertainty or confusion regarding your last wishes. By making these decisions in advance, you provide assurance to both yourself and your family that everything will be organized exactly as you have envisioned, leaving no room for disagreement or doubt.

  • 4. You get the option of paying over time through an instalment plan.

    The installation of Sheng Ji brings with it a powerful infusion of positive energies that can create new and abundant opportunities in both our personal and professional lives. These auspicious energies have the potential to ignite growth and success, inspiring fresh avenues for career advancement and business ventures.

  • 5. You will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind and complete financial planning.

    End-of-life affairs are frequently overlooked, yet they can be one of life’s most significant and costly events. It is therefore wise to prioritize pre-planning as an integral part of your overall financial planning journey. By taking proactive steps to pre-plan, you can experience a profound sense of peace, knowing that all your affairs are in order. This thoughtful act not only ensures that your loved ones will be relieved from the burden of decision-making during a difficult time but also leaves them with the invaluable gift of your love and care even after you have departed.

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For Your Family

Leave a legacy of love

  • 1. You assume financial responsibility for your funeral.

    When we lose a loved one, family members often feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do in the first 24 hours, including handling funeral arrangements and not knowing who to turn to for assistance, leading to delays and complications. However, if we plan ahead, our family can receive immediate help in times of emergency.

    In the most difficult moments, our loved ones need our presence and care. Through preplanning, we create an invisible support system for them, allowing them to feel warmth and solace after the loss of someone dear. It is a precious gift we give them, ensuring they are not alone or helpless but rather able to face the pain of loss with peace of mind.

    Let us reflect on the fragility and unpredictability of life. For the sake of our loved ones, to provide them with support and assistance in those critical moments, let us embark on the journey of preplanning together, offering care and warmth for their final farewell. It is a profound and deeply touching gesture of endless love and respect, allowing us to cherish and nurture them even beyond our time on earth.

  • 2. You will have time and space to consider all factors and concerns.

    By engaging in early pre-planning, you gift yourself and your family with the invaluable opportunity to explore and compare services and prices before making any final decisions. This means that when a crisis strikes, and emotions run high, your family won’t be burdened with hasty and potentially unnecessary choices. Instead, they can find solace in knowing that every decision was made with care and consideration.

    Furthermore, pre-planning allows you to involve your beloved family members in the process, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. It becomes a heartfelt collaboration, where everyone’s wishes and desires are heard and respected. By sharing this journey, you create a deep bond, ensuring that your final farewell reflects the love and unity that defines your family.

    Embrace the profound impact of pre-planning, not just for yourself but for those you hold dear. It’s a touching act of compassion that grants your family the peace of mind they deserve during challenging times. And as you embark on this meaningful journey, may your heart be filled with the knowledge that your family will find comfort and solace, knowing that every decision was made with love and intention.

  • 3. You can be self-reliant and choose the way you wish to be celebrated and remembered.

    Through pre-planning, you bestow upon yourself the incredible opportunity to shape and orchestrate every aspect of your final send-off. This thoughtful endeavour ensures that your last wishes and desires are crystal clear, sparing your cherished family from any uncertainties or hesitations during an already challenging time. Furthermore, by taking the lead in planning your farewell, you gift them with a sense of peace, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered and aligned with your heartfelt intentions.

    In this act of selflessness, you relieve your loved ones from the burden of navigating difficult decisions and potential disagreements. Your pre-planning becomes a profound expression of love and consideration, sparing them from unnecessary confusion or conflict. By providing a clear roadmap for your final moments, you offer a precious gift of unity and harmony, allowing your family to focus on honouring your memory and finding solace in their grief.

    Embrace the significance of pre-planning, for it is a testament to your enduring love and compassion for your family. By taking the initiative to plan your final send-off, you grant them the immeasurable comfort of knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled and your legacy honoured with utmost devotion. May this act of self-determination bring a sense of profound peace to your heart and soul as you leave behind a lasting legacy that resonates with love and understanding.

  • 4. You get the option of paying over time through an instalment plan.

    By embracing the installation of Sheng Ji, you invite a powerful infusion of positive energies into your life. These uplifting forces not only have the potential to create a harmonious environment but can also manifest as abundant life opportunities, propelling your career and business endeavors to new heights.

    The presence of Sheng Ji becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration, radiating its benevolent energies throughout your surroundings. It is as if the universe itself aligns with your aspirations, opening doors that were previously unseen and bestowing upon you the gift of transformative possibilities. In this transformative journey, you are embraced by the gentle whispers of destiny, guiding you towards the pathways of success and fulfillment.

    As you welcome the influence of Sheng Ji, be prepared for the extraordinary. Its positive energies can ignite a spark within you, fueling your passion and drive, while attracting favorable circumstances and connections. It becomes a catalyst for growth and prosperity, nourishing your ambitions and allowing you to embrace a future brimming with abundant opportunities.

    Embrace the profound impact of Sheng Ji’s installation, for it is a sacred gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities. With its loving presence, you can transcend limitations and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and achievement. May its empowering energies touch your heart and soul, igniting the flame of hope and guiding you towards a future filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

  • 5. You will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind and complete financial planning.

    In the tapestry of life, one event stands out as both costly and often overlooked—the end-of-life affairs. It is a poignant reminder of our mortality and the importance of prioritizing pre-planning as an integral part of our financial journey. By undertaking this thoughtful endeavor, we not only ensure the completion of our life’s financial puzzle but also gift ourselves and our loved ones with a profound sense of peace.

    Through pre-planning, we embark on a journey that transcends the realm of finances alone. It is an act of love, a testament to the depth of our care for those we hold dear. By meticulously arranging our affairs, we provide our family with a profound gift—the gift of solace and security when the time comes for us to depart from this world. It is a legacy of love that will forever be etched in their hearts.

    As we embrace the path of pre-planning, let us carry the weight of responsibility with grace and compassion. May it serve as a gentle reminder that life is fragile, and our time on earth is a precious gift. By preparing for the inevitable, we create a lasting testament of love, ensuring that our family will be guided and supported even in our physical absence. May this act of profound dedication inspire us to cherish every moment and leave behind a legacy of love and serenity.

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